Holistic Paediatrics

After Covid-19, there will be changes to the way in which medicine is practised.

For our younger population, care will include homeopathy and other modalities such as nutritional therapy.Perhaps we can bring back the good old days, where when sick with a cold or flu, people stayed home and sipped hot lemon water. With todays' suppressive treatments involving fever lowering medicines, it is rare that we simply allow our body to heal itself.

Today, we are faced with disorders of the nervous system, and children presenting with sensory disorders. We need to be prepared for an era in which stronger antibiotics are needed, the use of which will in turn lead to increasingly compromised gut function, and lowered immunity.

At Resolve Health, we employ homeopathic principles, meaning we focus on the whole child. We don't believe in treatments for a specific condition, but instead try to establish balance using a variety of alternative therapies.

Our focus here at Resolve Health is on allergies. We consider food sensitivities and lifestyle factors, and endeavour to treat not only the symptoms, but the underlying cause of them.

We believe in forming strong relationships with our patients, and with longer appointment times, we pride ourselves on achieving this. We go by the motto "First do no harm," and educate patients to make informed choices regarding their children's health care.

Resolve Health has been operating in Mudgeeraba since 2009, and, as of this year, is pleased to also offer virtual consultations.

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