How Toxic is your body ? 

The food we eat these days is often poor in nutrients but worse still is the bad trace elements and heavy metals that can enter your body and start causing numerous ailments and a general feeling of poor health. By detecting the bioavailability of trace elements and heavy metal intoxication in real time we are able to evaluate and address any possible issues and ailments being experienced.

The negative impact of heavy metals on the human and animal organism is demonstrated by numerous studies published by research institutes such as WHO, FAO and other organisations.The massive exposure to these toxic agents becomes a real public danger. Transported by the pollution of the air, the earth and water (ground waters and sea water), heavy metals pollute the human body either directly by contact or indirectly trough the food chain.Some of these substances are also in products, which are in touch with the body. The institutions for sanitary issues consider that there are almost no more places in the world which are not concerned by this problem.

The elimination of these toxic metals out of the human body by appropriate chelating agents becomes a major challenge for health.Furthermore, scientific studies alert us on another plan. They point out the dramatic depletion of nutrients in food, accompanied with an increase of food additives which cause various problems in the body.An individualized supplementation favours the optimized functioning of the body and represents, in this context of decrease of nutritional density and quality of food, a main advantage to stay healthy.



Contact us for an appointment to have your toxicity levels checked with this revolutionary new technology. It quick and pain free and could help determine the reason for feeling unwell.

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