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Japanese Encephalitis in QLD

Posted by Rita Texeira on 12 March 2022
Japanese Encephalitis in QLD

Mosquito-borne Diseases such as Ross River Fever and Dengue fever are well known to most of us. Japanese Encephalitis (JEV) is a very rare mosquito-borne disease normally only seen in far north Queensland. 
JEV is a Flavivirus and the most common cause of viral encephalitis in Asia. The West Nile Virus is also a problem in North America.

Most cases are asymptomatic but symptomatic patients may be treated in hospital. Symptoms are fatigue, polymyalgia and polyarthralgia. Some people have even reported rare neurological symptoms such as paralysis, seizures and psychiatric symptoms. Most infections are seen in children but individuals of any age can be infected. Patients have reported ongoing fatigue which began with the infection, but if there is a lack of immune nutrients to fight the infection, it moves in to an unresolved, chronic phase. Nutrients may not only be deficient in the diet but their uptake may be blocked prolonging the viral illness. Key nutrients linked to the symptoms of fatigue and muscle pain are iron and magnesium. Patients can have many anti-nutrients present such as metals which also block metabolic pathways

The recent wet weather and flooding is to blame for the current spread as very few cases have been reported before. It has been reported in the Torres Strait region and Papua New Guinea. A person can only become infected after a bite from an infected mosquito.
One can test for 13 different viruses which have migrated from birds, and both wild and farm animals as immediate hosts. As well as nutrient deficiencies especially Zinc. A Hair analysis by spectrometry can be suggested.

As there is no treatment other than prevention such as spraying the skin with chemical insect repellents, it is advisable to wear long sleeves, long trousers and avoid being outdoors at dusk or first few hours after sunset.

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