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Non alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Posted by Rita Texeira on 3 June 2019

Non alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

Risk factors put forward for the development of NAFLD have diets high in refined carbs, high fructose intake and some medications such as cortisone, methotrexate and anti retrovirals.

Many patient with NAFLD are type 2 diabetics or pre diabetic. Untreated this conditions
evolves in NASH which has inflammations added to the fatty liver accumulation.
Emerging drivers of NAFLD are now proposed such as gut dysbiosis and altered microbiome.

At Resolve health & wellness our treatment goals would include a reduction in inflammation, reduction in oxidative stress
and reduction in a pro-lipogenic state. Untreated this condition could lead to renal failure.

Non conventional treatment focuses on dietary modification. The Mediterranean diet high
in fruit and vegetables will improve liver fat content. At present there is no standard
pharmacological treatment available.

Exercise has also been researched and after 8 weeks of resistance exercise the fat content
was reduced. High intensity training reduced the liver triglycerides even further.

To turn your liver back into a healthy state many different agent are needed such as vitamin
E, omega 3's, phosphatidylcholine and herbals.

Even coffee and green tea demonstrated a reduction in NAFLD related fibrosis.

The University of Miami did studies using Rice Bran Arabinoxylan in adults with NAFLD and
liver enzymes reduced significantly after 90 days.

Please contact us on (07) 5525 2211 in confidence for further information or for your specialised program to rejuvenate your liver.
Author:Rita Texeira
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