Initial Consultation - Allow 75 minutes

The Initial Consult is used to discuss the patient’s health history, goals, and concerns, to form a treatment plan, and to determine any further testing that may be required.

What’s Included:

  • Personalised naturopathic, homeopathic, or herbal prescription
  • In-house testing if necessary
  • Individualised treatment program
  • Recommendations and referral for further pathological testing if required
  • Access to practitioner-only products


Initial Adult Consultation: $150

Initial Child Consultation: $125

Follow Up Consultation

Follow up consults are for established patients to discuss the success of the treatment plan, any changes in signs and symptoms, and to determine any necessary alterations to the current plan or supplementation. This consult generally takes place one month after the Initial Consult, so as to allow time for the treatment plan to begin to take effect and provide results for the patient.


30 minute Follow Up Consultation: $79

45 minute Follow Up Consultation: $99

Acute Consultation - Allow 15 minutes

Acute Consultations are designed for new and existing patients with quick queries regarding acute conditions such as the common cold, flu, or infections.



Telehealth Consultation - Allow 40 minutes

Telehealth consultations can be done over video or phone for both domestic and international patients. Payment can be made with credit card whilst creating the booking with reception. Supplements are at an additional cost and can be sent via courier or post following the consult.


Domestic: $79

International: $99

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