Allergy symptoms getting up your nose?

Whether it is seasonal hay fever that makes your eyes water, the persistent itch of eczema or food intolerances that are hard to stomach, one thing is for sure, allergies are nothing to sneeze at  Allergies are caused when your body over-reacts to substances like pollens or foods that shouldn't  normally cause you a reaction. Seeing the substance as a threat, your body mounts a strong immune defence against it, called a hypersensitivity reaction. The most common allergens are:

1. Ingestion or food allergies are those that come from common everyday foods. A fixed food allergy will result in strong immediate reactions and can be life threatening 

2. Inhaled or environmental allergies are by far the most common type of allergy. With pollen, fungi, mould, pet dander and dust mites causing the most grief.

3. Contact allergies occur when an allergen touches a person's skin. Common irritants include soaps, hair dyes, medications, household cleaners and many other synthetic products.

Putting you back in balance

While allergy symptoms can be suppressed with antihistamines, a long-lasting cure requires a comprehensive identification of the allergic reaction and treatment of the underlying causes. To do this, we at Resolve Health take a proactive approach to finding what is out of balance in your body and use a range of natural therapies to treat it, like those below.

Treating central allergens

Often, the allergy you are actually feeling the symptoms of will be a secondary allergy that is presenting because of a central allergen. Central allergens are food that appear in our diets on a daily basis, such as dairy, wheat, or gluten. Symptoms aren’t always present with an intolerance, so they can be affecting you without you even realising it.

When overloaded with central allergens, the body becomes so busy dealing with these that it can no longer cope with secondary allergens like pollen and mould, resulting in an allergic reaction. By finding and treating reactions to central allergens, secondary allergies are dramatically reduced, if not gone altogether.

Healing your gut

When you are loaded with toxins or central allergens your immune system, the majority of which is located in your gut, does its job to fight off the foreign invaders. But when it has been battling for a long time without rest, your overstressed immune system can become overactive, triggering allergic reactions.

To counteract this response we provide you with a series of supplements and probiotics that are specifically designed to heal your gut and restore your immune system to its natural function.


Don't let your allergies run your life, call us today on (07) 5525 2211 to be among our many patients who have dramatically reduced or eliminated their allergy symptoms permanently and naturally.

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