Resolving your health issues naturally

With such busy, overscheduled and overcommitted lives it can be easy to prioritise everything else above our own health and wellbeing. But at some point something has to give. At Resolve Health we make sure it isn't your health.

What makes Resolve Health the best Naturopath on the Gold coast ? We work alongside you to ensure wellbeing, reduce your stress, ease or eliminate your ailments and help you to feel the best you ever have.

Restore your health and wellbeing through leading natural therapies At Resolve Health our naturopaths practice a wide range of safe and effective natural methods to treat and prevent different conditions and diseases.  These include:


Clinical nutrition

Western Herbal Medicine


Mineral therapy

Flower essences


With correct diagnosis being the key to treatment, some patients may be required to undergo further testing to help in the diagnosing and monitoring of their conditions. At Resolve Healthwe provide access to routine and individualised testing. These include:

Food allergy testing

Digestive stool analysis

Comprehensive blood chemistry testing

Zinc status assessment

Hair mineral analysis

Heavy metal toxicity testing

Salivary hormones testing

Take an integrated medical approach to your health for maximum benefit ! At Resolve Health we work in with your doctors to compliment the treatment they are already prescribing for you. If you find your doctor closed off to natural therapies, we can recommend a few doctors that are supportive of the benefits of natural medicine and are happy to form a complimentary plan with us to restore your health and wellness.

Have flexible appointment options to suit your busy schedule

We understand that your busy schedule, proximity and condition may not always make it possible for you to come into our clinic to talk to a naturopath. This is why we also provide Zoom or Phone consultations to existing customers for ongoing health maintenance.

Meet Rita, your naturopath

Rita Teixeira is the Director of Resolve Health and a highly experienced naturopath and homeopath who specialises in the treatment of allergies, fertility and irritable bowel syndrome using natural therapies. Practicing for over 15 years, Rita has trained extensively across many facets of natural medicine and continues to train under world-renowned homeopaths each year to expand her knowledge and keep up to date with the latest findings.

Rita is a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association, the Complementary Medicine Practitioner Associations Council, the Australian Homoeopathic Association, the Australian Register of Homeopath Ltd and Australian Association of Homotoxicology.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for Call us today on (07) 5525 2211 to make an appointment with Rita and start making your health and wellbeing a priority.


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